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Organized exclusively for charitable purposes to make technology available to assist the blind in obtaining greater independence

Blind Visions

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Welcome to Blind Visions

by Ray last modified 2006-11-28 02:34

The purpose of Blind Visions, Inc. is to make available or accessible to people who are totally blind, information about the visual world which was previously unavailable or unaffordable to them.

The Mission

The mission of Blind Visions is to bring new visions to the blind through the innovative use of technology.

By new Visions” we mean new methods and systems to convey information about the visual world which was previously unavailable or unaffordable to the blind.

By “the blind” we mean those people with no functional vision whatsoever.  These individuals compose a small percentage of those who are legally blind.  They include those who cannot use magnification or contrast enhancing devices to gain functional sight.  The innovative technology developed or inspired by Blind Visions may be useful for all people with limited vision, but it will be absolutely essential for those who have no functional vision at all.

By “innovative use of technology” we mean the innovative use of hardware, software, or devices specifically and uniquely tailored for use by, or the benefit of the blind.  It applies to adaptation of existing technology as well as to original invention.

The activities that BlindVisions will use to accomplish this mission include:

1    Invent, design and engineer systems to bring new visions to the blind.
2    Build prototypes of these systems to test and demonstrate their usefulness.
3    License others to manufacture, market and provide training for these systems.
4    Maintain a web site ( to further the mission.  
5    Advise equipment and software developers on how to extend their products for use by the blind through small changes or additions to their standard products.
6    Participate in national and international organizations that develop or set standards for technologies that impact on accessibility for the blind.
7    Engage or participate in any national or international institution, company, or standards group that helps forward the mission of Blind Visions.

The priorities that will be used to select projects for BlindVisions include:

1    Inexpensive independent living systems.

      Example:  a system to help the blind identify the colors and patterns of clothing or the type of medicine in a bottle.

2    Systems that communicate information previously unavailable to the blind. 

      Example:  a system to provide detailed map information.

3    Small modifications to standard devices to make them accessible by the blind. 

      Example:  a double beep when a digital voice recorder selects a base file.

4    Availability of advantageous methods at low or no cost. 

      Example:  open-source free document reader software that allows documents to be listened to by the blind.

5    High leverage, broad base effectiveness. 

      Example:  participation in the drafting of the Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on “the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities.”

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